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After many months of fundraising, we are very near our original goal of $200,000, and hope to begin the construction phase of the project soon!  We have run into some challenges, which is expected with any construction project, and we are looking for the most economical solutions to deliver a quality project for the community of Yarmouth.  Currently, we are obtaining estimates for a redesign of the proposed public rest rooms that have been a central part of this project from its conception.  Due to unanticipated high costs of moving wastewater from the site, we are looking at various options for changing the scope of the project, and hope to have a firm plan soon.  We may be able to realize some savings by enjoining the site-work for this project with work being done as part of the High School additions/renovations, which will begin in late October, 2019.  Please stay apprised of our progress by visiting this website throughout the spring and summer!






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What started our house?

The Yarmouth Sports complex is the home to our Yarmouth Clippers. Our field is high quality and has been a preferred venue for our Clipper teams as well as regional and state tournament games and meets.

In 2004, the original OUR HOUSE campaign was created and funded much needed bleacher seats for our fans and guests. 

Now, 13 years later, it's time to pick up where the original Our House campaign left off. 

The Turf Field is a reflection of the Yarmouth community, and it's time to bring this facility in line with the community's expectations. 

Your help is needed to bring this campaign to a successful conclusion. We hope to raise the funds by the end of December and begin building in the Spring of 2018.

what is the our house II Campaign?

The OUR HOUSE II campaign has been put together with a goal of raising funds to complete the amenities at our turf complex. Specifically, the money raised will cover these important items:

Construction of Restrooms

Improvements to Snack Shack

Updating of Team Shed

Upgrades to Electrical Panel

Installation of Signage

All tax deductible donations are welcome and appreciated.


How can I help?

1. write a check

Donations in any amount can be sent to the Yarmouth School District. 

Checks should be made payable to Yarmouth School Department.

3. buy a brick

A limited number of engraved bricks will be sold and installed on the walkway down to the turf.

$500 6 x 12 Rectangle

$750 12 x 12 Square

2. Donate via credit card

Service fee may be applied.



Please visit this page to make a payment.

4. Engrave a Pillar

Names will be engraved on the existing pillar.


$1,000 Name on Pillar

Please complete this form and send it to the Yarmouth School District at 101 McCartney Street.

How can my business help?

Click here for the corporate sponsor guide!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 846-5586.